Edit your web pages like

you edit on PowerPoint

Revamp allows your non-technical users to:
1. edit JAM-stack websites visually,
2. go live with these changes immediately without developer help
No more dev involvement required for non-design heavy changes to your website.

Edit a page using Revamp

Outdated content?

Replacing content is simple using our visual editor, with zero learning curve

Have a new feature to launch?

Shipping out a new page is a breeze - just duplicate an existing page, add to the dropdown and modify the content

New customer logo?

You can add / edit new images and new videos with a single click

Need an ad page with no-index, no-follow?

Use our visual editor to modify the meta tags of across your pages

Edit content right on your browser

Simply fire up Revamp's editor to edit your text, images & videos right there


Review and edit your SEO tags

Modify your SEO tags, including no-index, no-follow using Revamp's editor


Add sections

Add new links to your drop-down, footer, and within the page


Update images and videos

Update and serve the your new images using our optimized global CDN


What type of websites does Revamp work on?

Revamp is built to work on JAM-stack websites that are served via CloudFlare DNS. This includes plain HTML websites, React, Nuxt, Jekyl, Gatsby and the likes.

Does Revamp use Javascript to change the page content?

No - we modify the content before it is sent to your users. You will see the same modified content when you use curl too.

Will the modified page actually have all the modified meta & SEO tags too? Are you sure?

Yes yes yes :)

All your meta tags will be modified and served to your users - with no javascript involved.

You maketh some big claims - how do I try it out by myself?

Please give us your details here - we'll reach out to you ASAP.